Working as your planning agent

Acting as the planning agent for the preparation and submission of planning applications.

We offer planning services that can support you from the very first stage through to the granting of planning permission and discharging conditions.

We offer a range of services summarised below.


Our Services

1. Initial Appraisal
  • Desk-based review of your site/land to identify opportunities and constraints that would impact on development potential.
  • Planning History Search.
  • Development Plan Policy review to identify the policy requirements relevant to your proposal.
  • Clear conclusions and recommendations, setting out the development potential of the site, including strategies to achieve the best opportunities for success.
2.Pre Application
  • We can support you in the preparation and submission of a pre-application requests to the local planning authority, including working closely with you as client and other technical disciplines to ensure the pre-application process adds value to the preparation of a future planning application.
  • Once submitted we can act as planning agent and liaise with the planning authority, you as client and the wider project team, working collaboratively to achieve best value from the pre-application process.
  • Once the pre-application response is received we can provide our professional opinion and set out strategies for your site to maximise the prospects for a successful outcome when the application is submitted.
3. Preparation of planning applications and project management
  • As planners we can support your application through the preparation of planning documents, including the Planning Statement, as well as providing ‘planning’ input to other reports and studies, ensuring consistency and clarity in terms of the planning case presented to the local planning authority.
  • We can also provide planning advice in respect of Planning Obligations, Heads of Terms, CIL, and validation requirements.
  • We are able to organise and coordinate public consultation events, including hosting on our website, meeting with local stakeholders and the preparation of a Statement of Community Engagement.
  • We also offer services to present at planning committees in support of your application.
4. Planning Application Submission
  • Once submitted and validated as planning agent we can be the main point of contact for the planning authority, establishing a positive working relationship with the Case Officer to identify and address any post-submission queries.
  • We will monitor the progress of the planning application and review any consultation responses, coordinate the submission of any additional information or rebuttals to any identified objections.
  • We will negotiate planning conditions as appropriate and work with the local planning authority to ensure any planning obligations are justified.
5. Post Determination

Once planning permission is granted we are able to support you in the preparation and submission of Reserved Matters Applications and the discharge of conditions in order to allow you to commence development on your site at the earliest opportunity.

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