Land to the West of Phase 9,
Seaton Neighbourhood

Project Name:
Land to the West of Phase 9, Seaton Neighbourhood Plymouth

Persimmon Homes (Cornwall) Ltd

Roles Undertaken by Blue Fox:
Planning application preparation
Public consultation
EIA Screening
Planning Performance Agreement



This site, to the west of Phase 9 of the Seaton Neighbourhood, is a strategic development location within Plymouth.  Outline consent was granted in 2013 for up to 873 dwellings and 8,000sqm of business space and 2,000sqm of commerical (retail) floorspace.    

The site is located on the steep slopes of the Forder Valley, adjacent to existing development and the emerging Seaton Neighbourhood.  To the south is the Derriford Community Park which is now a Local Nature Reserve.

In coordinating the preparation of a detailed planning application for 50 new homes we have ensured that the proposals provides a coherent and logical extension to the existing Seaton Neighbourhood. Prior to the submission we prepared and submitted an EIA Screening Request to determine that the proposed development, although an extension to an existing major development area, was not EIA development.

We have worked closely with Plymouth City Council on behalf of Persimmon Homes to update the existing Planning Performance Agreement to support the delivery of this site and the remainder of the Seaton Neighbourhood.

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